Elex PC Game Free Download Full Version

Elex PC Game Free Download Full Version

Elex PC – An Immersive Open World of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Awaits in this Action RPG

Elex PC is an action role-playing game with an open world made by Piranha Bytes and put out by THQ Nordic. It was put out in October 2017 for Microsoft Windows. Magellan, a post-apocalyptic world with fantastical and scientific elements, serves as the backdrop.

According to the video game’s story, Jax works as a spy for a criminal organization known as the Renegades. His aircraft gets shot down, and as a result, he finds himself in a new nation. As Jax attempts to make his way back to his original gang, he finds himself in the middle of a conflict between two factions that are both after the powerful narcotic download Alexa for PC Windows 10 and its potential to alter the planet. The game’s narrative is affected by the decisions players make over which faction they support and turn against.

The gameplay in Elex DLC is a mixture of open-world exploration, real-time combat, and character progression. The open world can be freely roamed, filled with NPCs, side quests, hidden areas, and content. Players must precisely time their sword swings and dodge assaults in the real-time hack-and-slash combat system. Leveling up and assigning skill points allows players to customize Jax’s skills and abilities.

Gameplay in Elex, the Open-World Action RPG Game PC

Gameplay in Elex PC Free Version focuses on real-time melee combat, exploration, and character progression across a large open world known as Magellan. Players control the protagonist, Jax, who can freely explore the post-apocalyptic fantasy landscapes on foot or via jetpack.

For the fast-paced hack-and-slash fighting system to work, players need to know when to use their swords and when to move out of the way. Jax can block damage, do powerful combos in the fight, and roll away quickly from enemies. Getting experience means getting points for beating another person. With these points, you can move on to the next step. You can use these experience points to improve your one-handed fighting, defense, or magic. “Finishing Moves” are special moves that Jax can learn that help him beat people who are better than him.

Players can do tasks for the factions they support or betray and switch sides, which changes the story. The world has places to discover that are medieval fantasy and high-tech sci-fi. You can get around quickly if you go to the signposts on the map.

Elex PC Game Free Download Full Version

Key Features

  • Vast open world with complete freedom of exploration
  • Real-time melee-focused combat system
  • Character progression with experience points and learning new skills/abilities
  • Moral choices that affect the storyline and concluding factions
  • Interaction with NPC factions and companions
  • Crafting system to create potions, weapons, and food
  • Seamless blending of fantasy, sci-fi and post-apocalyptic elements

Additional Gameplay Features

  • Crafting system to create potions, weapons, food/drink from scavenged ingredients
  • Day/night cycle with some enemies only appearing at night
  • Dialogue choices that influence how NPCs react to Jax
  • Moral choices affecting faction reputations and story outcomes
  • Companions can be recruited to follow and assist Jax
  • Stealth options like sneaking and backstabbing are possible but difficult

Elex PC Game Free Download Full Version

Main Characters in Elex PC

  • Jax: The protagonist of Elex Download Free Version. A former member of the Albs faction, Jax gets stranded in a foreign land after his aircraft crashes. Players control Jax as he explores the open world and becomes caught in the conflict between factions.
  • Caja: A Bergen who rescues Jax after his crash. She opposes the Albs and provides early quests and guidance. Caja is adept with technology and helps Jax acquire a jetpack.
  • Letho: The leader of the Berserkers faction, which shuns technology. Letho is focused on defending his people from outside threats like the Albs. Jax can choose to help or betray the Berserkers.
  • Xacor: The powerful leader of the Albs, a faction that uses Elex PC to gain magic powers at the cost of their emotions. Xacor sees Jax’s crash landing as a betrayal.
  • Kallax: The founder of the Clerics faction, which relies on advanced technology. Kallax is driven to wipe out other factions who oppose his vision for Magellan.
  • Duras: A former Alb commander who now leads the warlike Outlaws. Duras has a history with Jax and represents another faction whose trust Jax can try to gain.
  • Ray: A pragmatic Outlaw lieutenant who often works with Jax, offering missions and advice. She is skeptical of Jax but can become a loyal ally.
  • Constantine: The mad leader of the Separatists who worships the hybrid creatures known as Elex Mutants. Constantine has grand and dangerous plans for the Mutants that threaten all of Magalan.

Elex PC Game Free Download Full Version

Most popular and useful mods that have been created for Elex PC

  • Elex Overhaul Mod: This huge mod changes almost every part of the game, from fighting to crafting to the economy to factions and more.
  • No Companion Fall Damage: Does what it says, stops companions from taking fall damage when jumping from heights with Jax. Useful for less hassle exploring.
  • Dark Elex Armor: Adds new dark-themed armor into the game inspired by Darth Vader and other sci-fi influences. Provides cool new gear.
  • Fast Travel From Anywhere: Allows fast traveling without needing to be at a travel signpost. Saves significant time traversing the large world.
  • Infinite Jetpack: Removes the overheating mechanic from jetpack use so you can stay airborne indefinitely. Changes exploration and combat.
  • Enhanced Weather Effects: Adds more weather diversity and effects, including dense fog, stormy winds, and more. Enhances atmosphere.
  • HD Texture Pack: Dramatically improves many textures for items, environments, creatures, and more. Much higher resolution.
  • New Game Plus: Replay the story on higher difficulties while retaining your levels, gear, and certain resources. Great for replayability.
  • Alternate Start: Starts the game in a different region, letting you skip the tutorial. Offers a new beginning.

Elex PC Game Free Download Full Version

Minimum System Requirements to Run Elex PC

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 53 GB available space

Additional Notes

  • An internet connection is required for game activation.
  • CPU with 4 or more physical cores is recommended.
  • An SSD is recommended for storage to improve load times.
  • Higher than minimum specs are needed for smooth frame rates at high graphics settings.
  • The game is not supported on integrated or older graphics cards.
  • For the best experience, an Intel Core i7 processor, GTX 1060 or RX 580 graphics card, and 16GB of RAM are recommended.
  • Supported operating systems are subject to change. Please check system requirements on store pages for any updates.
  • Make sure to install the latest graphics drivers for optimal performance.